Ensono Digital Stacks

Stacks is the cloud-native software factory for digital transformations that work.

The Stacks automated toolkit accelerates your architecture, removing friction, reducing risk and demonstrating early value to give you a route to faster business benefit.

Increase the predictability of your digital transformation and keep it on time and on budget with free, open access to an extensive catalogue of workload templates, package management, example implementations and open source code…all backed up by the weight of Ensono Digital's expertise.

Developers, see Stacks in action at our github page.

What is Stacks?

What we offer

What is Stacks?

  • Stacks is code. Reusable, proven, tested, high-quality code that can be used time and time again. 
  • Stacks is infrastructure. Using terraform, Stacks gives you the code you need to spin up infrastructure in the cloud, potentially provisioning multiple predictable and repeatable environments in a fraction of the time it would take you to build from scratch. 
  • Stacks is decisions. Sitting behind Stacks are hundreds of architectural decisions designed to deliver real business benefits. Every line of code has been written in line with these decisions - and has been proven to deliver these benefits.  
  • Stacks is benefit. At Ensono Digital we use Stacks in all our own projects, always passing the time and cost benefits directly to our clients. We know it will speed up your builds and deliver value quicker and with less risk.
  • Stacks is not a product. It doesn’t require a license and it doesn’t tie you in to a long-term relationship with Ensono Digital. Everything you need is on github. You can get started now.
  • Stacks is not a programming language or a software platform. It is agnostic and varied and it’s expanding all the time. As we learn and grow – we pass the benefit onto you through Stacks. 
  • Stacks is not a training programme. Documentation is extensive, peer-to-peer and continuously reviewed and updated. It isn’t a handbook, but to an in-house developer Stacks can offer an opportunity to broaden and extend knowledge while confidently delivering business benefit.

How we can help

Why do you need Stacks?

As many as 70% of all digital transformation projects fail, running over time and budget…

  • Traditionally run projects can take some time to deliver value. Businesses lose their nerve, and many pull the plug.
  • Priorities set by stakeholders to meet business goals can increase the risk around complex technical choices.
  • Decisions around important building blocks – such as security and the ability to scale – can be overlooked, causing solutions to fail.

Stacks tackles these issues head on, surfacing early value – by giving businesses the ability to see working software far earlier and delivering ROI.

Stacks is free and open source

Stacks shares – for free – all of Ensono Digital's tried and tested blueprints, templates and code to address common business digital challenges.

You may choose to pick-and-mix the open source aspects of Stacks, have a play and use Stacks to widen the skill base in your team: you can get started with confidence and tap into the documentation that sits with the code to help you along the way.

What's in it for Ensono Digital?

At some point you might want to scale. You might want to start your project with a more structured architectural vision. Or you may want to work in partnership with Ensono Digital and establish a managed services relationship for the long term.

Our consulting services can support you to map out your end to end vision, and can help you tap into the hundreds of Architectural Decision Records that sit behind the Stacks toolkit.

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