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Case Study


Delivering a microservices platform that could scale globally.


annual revenue growth.

23 Million

monthly visitors.





ASOS is one of the UK's leading online fashion retailers, boasting 23 million active customers and retail sales in excess of £3 billion per annum.


  • ASOS had outgrown its software and was struggling to innovate and add new capabilities.

  • It needed a platform that would support its ambitious growth strategy and deliver exceptional digital experiences that would delight customers.

Services Delivered:

ASOS' software stack could no longer support its innovation and growth ambitions.

The billion-pound ecommerce fashion retailer made the huge decision to replace everything, shifting its entire technology stack to the cloud.

The new platform needed to achieve three key objectives: support global growth, provide the flexibility support new capabilities, and be mobile-first, allowing ASOS to rapidly innovate in the preferred channel of its 20-something audience.

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“When designing and building these kinds of systems, you need specialist advice from a best of breed cloud partner. With their expertise in cloud-based hyperscale transactional systems and their previous work on customer identity management, we trusted Ensono Digital to help us in our next stage of growth.”

Bob Strudwick

The solution

Delivering a bespoke microservices solution

Ensono Digital worked with ASOS to design and build a microservices architecture. This allows ASOS to independently enhance and rapidly innovate services, and to deploy them in any combination across the globe, while delivering consistently high performance.

Microsoft Azure was already familiar to ASOS's inhouse team and its capabilities meant that focus could be dedicated to delivering competitive advantage, rather than spending time on commodity functions, such as maintenance and back up.

Azure was also selected due to its ability to support global growth, in terms of scale and the ability to adapt to local market languages, payment options and delivery methods, as well as its built-in resilience.

Smarter use of technology

Since the implementation of the microservices ecommerce platform, ASOS has seen a 30% increase in annual revenue. ASOS can now hyperscale to handling peak events, like Black Friday: the platform seamlessly supporting ASOS's 23 million active customers and over £3 billion of sales, offering 99.9% availability.

ASOS also has the flexibility to respond to trends, fast, independently running rapid tests and rolling out platform enhancements that drive constant improvements, enhance customer experiences and drive sales.

The relationship that Ensono Digital created with ASOS and the proven ROI of the platform have seen us continue to work together to solve complex business problems through the smarter use of technology. Our collaboration includes delivering global projects including, an identity solution, rewards programme, 'Bag' and 'Saved Items' user interfaces and a fulfilment system.

The benefits

30% annual revenue growth

The hyperscale platform seamlessly handles ASOS' 23 million active customers and retail sales in excess of  £3 billion per annum.

Scale globally

ASOS's ongoing investment in technology has enabled it to become a global giant, with around 60% of its business now coming from overseas markets.

Rapid deployment

Ensono Digital's partnership with ASOS enabled the retailer to expand internationally at an impressive rate within a short period of time.

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