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Case Study

Northern & Shell

Connecting disparate technologies for effective CRM


view of customers


increase in email open rates


months from start to go-live



Northern and Shell (N&S) is a media group which owns and publishes various popular media titles including The Daily Express and OK! Magazine.


  • Customers experienced a disjointed experience across platforms
  • N&S weren't capturing the right information to make the most of its customer data
  • It also wanted to see an increase in sales and revenue across its top 3 popular titles

Services Delivered:

N&S wanted to enhance the customer experience, capture profile rich customer data and help increase targeted sales and revenue across its popular titles OK!, DailyExpress and Daily Star.

The problem N&S had was that its current Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms for customer email communications, Gigya and ExactTarget, needed regular two-way synchronisation. This meant that customers who opted out of receiving marketing communications were not being updated across both platforms; and as these two SaaS platforms don't naturally intertwine, the aim was to get them communicating. N&S also needed to capture customer interactions, for example what competitions they enter and what content they comment on.

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The solution

Ensono Digital provides clear view of the customer

N&S chose to work with Ensono Digital, who understand how multiple SaaS products work together. Amido implemented an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) that pooled the disparate sources of digital marketing software together to enable cross-platform communication. This avoided deployment of new platforms and provided a clear view of the customer by collecting real-time data from website interactions and updating profiles.

Enhancing user profiles

To further enhance customer information, N&S wanted to introduce a social media log-in profile option to pull in real-time, rich data to customise its marketing campaigns (on and offline), monitor competitions entered and provide more targeted advertising and content that compelled the reader. In addition, by introducing the cookie element into its technology platform through the implementation of Krux, N&S is now able to understand its customers’ interests outside its own website, which enhances user profiles and assists with audience segmentation.

The benefits

Operational efficiency

The whole process took six months, but it caused no significant distraction to the day-to-day running of the organisation

Enhanced customer experience

targeted adverts mean advertisers now pay for more precise audience segmentationand the customer is shown only relevant information related to his/herinterests.

Increased opt-ins

huge spike in user opt-in to the services provided across the Express, Star and OK! during the first few days of launch

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