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Five steps to a world class supply chain

This special report by Retail Gazette and Ensono Digital looks at how careful analysis of supply chain structures and reassessment of the basics can reap rich rewards, improving resilience and flexibility while reducing costs.

Developed in partnership with Retail Gazette, this report looks in detail about the challenges facing a modern retail supply chain in a post-Brexit, post-pandemic world – including sourcing, global logistics and the inevitable distractions of emerging technologies – and lays out clear steps to drive efficiencies, maximise assets, and deliver excellent service for your customers.

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What makes a world class supply chain?

Where retail leaders need to focus their efforts to deliver world class supply, the fundamentals of a great fulfilment, and the role of automation in the supply chain.

How data can drive excellence

The power of data in reducing cost and minimising waste and the data basics – understanding and moving stock across the network, planning and forecasting, and getting away from spreadsheets.

Back to the customer

What does the customer expect, how does their demand shape the supply chain, and what is the value of delivering consistently on the customer promise?

Supporting supply chains

The fundamentals - where the difference starts with the basics

Did the shifts in demand, pressure on resource, and challenges with supply triggered by the pandemic demonstrate the cracks in your supply chain operation? Has investment in new technology for your warehouse failed to deliver anticipated returns? We define the fundamentals of world class supply chain, and the capabilities that underpin them, to help retailers assess their own operation and shape a strategic plan to excellence.

Technology and fulfilment – creating transparency and efficiency

Customers love a visible supply chain – particularly in fulfilment - as it manages expectations, engenders trust, and builds better relationships. We look at who is setting the bar for last-mile experience, and how service partnerships and technology can facilitate more robust flexibility for retailers and customers alike, better utilisation of sustainable, decentralised fulfilment centres, and less waste in warehouses.

Data - and the unrealized opportunities of consolidated knowledge

Retailers have the access to a vast amount of rich data – from customer sentiment and behaviour to logistical information, product data and demand trends - but, for so many, these are spread across disparate systems, making it hard to see the full picture. We look at how consolidating this, and managing it in a more strategic way, can support a more efficient supply chain, deliver better cost management, create a streamlined operation, and make for an excellent customer service.

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