Build a better data strategy

Ensono Digital provide end-to-end data assessment services that give you a complete picture of your business data and analytics, identifying opportunities and risks, and laying out tailored optimisation and development strategies.

Understand your data to unlock business potential

Ensono Digital Data Assessment service delivers a comprehensive, expert-led review of your existing data and analytics capabilities and a high-level Data Modernisation strategy tailored to your business goals.

From designing and implementing enterprise data platforms, to unlocking value from unstructured data sources, Ensono Digital know what excellent data needs to look like and can help you define the roadmap to get there.

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Understand the power of your data

Whether you believe that data is ‘the new oil’ or simply an essential enabler to learn and grow, it is undeniable that every modern business needs clearly defined strategies and mechanics for gathering, managing, and utilising data. Unlock this and your organisation will be able to make better business decisions, faster – and with greater confidence.

A clear picture

You’ll gain a complete, top-level view of your existing data services, capabilities, and processes, along with the risks you are carrying by doing nothing.

The data prize

Ensono Digital will deliver a tailored high-level Data Modernisation strategy with an actionable set of data platform and reporting capability growth recommendations, alongside detailed recommended practices and toolsets based on your business needs and the use of Microsoft products and services.

The way forward

Unlocking strategic goals requires an action plan and targeted capabilities. Our assessment will lay out an adoption roadmap, considerations for upskilling teams, and Azure cost consumption estimates to allow you to make informed decisions about the steps you want to take next.

Take the first step

Understanding your data is the first step in bringing together disparate, siloed data from across your business and identifying your core, unique data management and analytics needs.

Ensono Digital works across a diverse client base to help businesses create flexibility and build capability in data management and understanding - to unlock the potential of accurate insights and become a data centric and insight led business.

Now, gain the advantage

Ensono Digital help organisations to transform unstructured data, to use data from across the business to inform strategic thinking and operational choices, and implement solutions and processes to drive greater efficiencies.

With the right data at hand, you can make better business decisions, fine tune your propositions, and make significant gains over your competitors. 

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revenue growth.

"The solution has more than halved the work required by our teams to search and compile promotional audio content examples for our clients."

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faster querying.

Decreasing time from up to 12 minutes to just 12 seconds.