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UX: The great enabler of Public Sector digitisation.

In this report Ensono Digital examines the UK’s public sector drive for widespread and cohesive digitisation, and delves into the motivations behind the plans, unearthing an opportunity to lead with UX to put the citizen first while still creating a leaner, more cost-effective set of services.

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Download our whitepaper for an overview of the public sector vision for digital transformation, a view on the consolidation of products and services across government, and a deep dive into the user centric approach that could put the citizen first in the development of these solutions.

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What is driving change in the Public Sector?

How Covid-19 has changed the way we work and live, how this has impacted UK citizens’ relationship with government, and why widespread digital transformation is a necessity.

The benefits of ‘citizen first’

The case for a user-centric approach for the ground-up research, design and development of Public Sector services, and where great experience can reap widespread rewards.

The role of the machine

How service design principles can protect the human element of an experience, and why that matters.

Bringing the user experience to the forefront

Creating the best experience –the expertise behind the buzz

From understanding user motivations and drivers, to unearthing the real barriers to success in every mission, good UX design is at the forefront of creating experiences that delight and processes that succeed. We unpick the art of UX and reveal where the real value lies for the public sector in taking a ‘citizen first’ approach.

The vital role of data and identity management

Data has an essential role to play across the Public Sector digital transformation programme, including simplifying systems and processes, and ensuring longer term scalability for all departments.  We look at data, the ultimate enabler of experience, and how the universal digital identity system can improve user experience as well as engender trust and assure compliance.

Beyond transformation - how to change with the times

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way people interact with each other and the way they consume public services. We look at how UX can be baked into continuous improvement processes to ensure that the public sector can evolve in line with citizen’s needs and face the future with confidence in its ability to respond to national or global challenges.

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