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The new future of retail report

In a unique study looking at retail from both sides of the counter, Ensono Digital have partnered with Auth0 to examine the consumer and retailer take on the future state of retail - post-pandemic - as we move into a period of widespread digital transformation in the face of economic uncertainty.

The research

Our research was conducted in August 2021 with Censuswide, surveying 500 Technology decision makers from UK retailers with annual revenue of more than £100m. We also talked to more than 2,000 retail consumers across the UK, spanning a full range of socio-economic, gender, and age demographic variables.

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What you'll learn

The challenges facing retailers right now

How retail technology leaders are responding to the global impact of the pandemic and their fears for the future.

Emerging retail technologies

Consumer and technology leaders’ attitudes to new and emerging retail technologies both online and offline and industry specialists’ predictions for the shape of retail in the new era.

The role of data

The role of personal data and consumer willingness to commoditise their information and the impact of COVID on ESG goals for retailers.

Finding the sweet spot where online and bricks and mortar collide

In building an omnichannel proposition, where should investment be prioritised? Giving consumers the tools to shop in and across the channels they choose to remains the primary objective, but which are the technologies that are going to provide the greatest return across the largest audience? With 90% of technology leaders seeing new technology as a key source of competitive advantage how will this shape the online and offline stores of the future?

We look at the role of technology in addressing the challenges of bringing two worlds together to create a better experience for consumers.

The double-edged sword

With Gen Z and millennials rapidly building their spending power, the need to understand and react to these high-value consumers has become paramount. With nearly half of all 16 to 34-year-olds telling us they would be happy to part with more of their private information if it led to new offerings from retailers, the information is there for the taking.

The way you use data can make or break loyalty, and your processes for collecting and manage it can either make or break the bank.

Our research looks at how retailers are gathering, understanding, and using data across store propositions, customer retention campaigns, and personalisation capabilities.

Kicked into life by COVID: the rise of responsible retailing

The 20/21 pandemic has brought Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) challenges into sharper relief than ever before. Those that did best through the pandemic had a plan for the worst and the flexibility to be able to adapt to unforeseen change.

Global issues such as Climate Change are facing us all and innovation for the common good has stepped up the rankings as a key priority for most retailers with 88% of retail technology leaders now having ESG measurements baked into their roles.

Our research shows us where investment in technology can support ESG initiatives, and which consumer groups are calling for visible efforts from retailers.

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