Cloud integration

Taking advantage of the cloud doesn’t have to mean a wholesale migration to a brand new set of technologies. We take the technology you already have and make it fit for the future.

Whether it’s the result of acquisition or piecemeal purchasing of technology, many organisations have found themselves weighed down by multiple systems that can’t talk to each other. We design and build flexible cloud-native solutions that optimise business processes and make teams more efficient.

What we offer

What we offer

What we deliver

  • Integration consultancy and engineering in support of strategic digital transformation programmes.
  • Seamless journeys across applications and brands, efficient content-rich customer experiences and data-driven business decision making
  • Agility and freedom. Giving businesses the freedom to deploy multiple best-of-breed PaaS, SaaS, IaaS and FaaS products
  • The ability to spin up new services quickly, integrating and building around the edges of existing platforms
  • Automation of manual processes  
  • Single view of data - and a single source of the truth - through the ability to share data between cloud-based and on-premise applications

Why our customers choose us

  • Our proven ability to plan, build and manage benefit-driven, cloud-native solutions, API suites and scalable, flexible cloud integrations
  • Our agnostic approach always enables us to identify the right solutions for our clients, and to avoid vendor lock-in wherever possible
  • Our flexible and lean approach. We don’t aim to rip and replace existing systems, our approach is to match your pace to augment and transition your legacy systems while maintaining business continuity
  • Our abilities across complimentary Microservices and Identity and Access Management solutions
  • Our proven track record and knowledge of the iPaaS market, as well as delivering cloud service integration for organisations of all sizes
  • Our Gold standard long-standing partnerships with industry leaders such as Microsoft
  • Our extensive experience with message exchange patterns and protocols

Cloud Services Integration capitalises on your existing technologies and invests in your future.

Step away from complex legacy

Cloud solutions mitigate against the kind of risks that organisations face when they have created complex system integrations over time that are difficult to understand, manage and maintain.

Enable growth and change

When existing integration methods are preventing your applications and services being migrated to the cloud, or replaced by modern SaaS equivalents, Cloud Services Integration can ease the path to full migration.

Protect the most important functions

Get consistency and low latency for business-critical transactional integrations - such as financial system integrations involving trades - where reconciliations need to be understood within minutes rather than hours.

Scale on demand

Support load levelling and protect line-of-business systems while scaling to meet growing, or peaks of, demand when elastic ecommerce needs to integrate with non-elastic accounting systems.

Simplify for speed

When a number of functions with the same purpose are running in the same organisation – because of acquisition for example – cloud integration makes it possible to cast a transaction more efficiently.

Complete the jigsaw

Businesses who have two or more SaaS solutions running core business functions but are yet to integrate those services can find the solution in cloud-based integration.

Cloud integration


Accelerate growth and development

We assemble and integrate proven cloud technologies with existing systems to increase business agility and react faster to change. Using cloud-native technologies we integrate lines of business and SaaS services to give you more efficient, productive and cost-effective hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios.

The time-to-market benefits in Cloud Services Integration are too numerous to list. The immediacy of iPaaS cloud platforms can significantly reduce the time it takes to integrate new or existing products and services, making you more agile and able to respond to customer or market demands. Equally, integrating multiple SaaS services and hybrid cloud scenarios can notably expedite your business acquisition.

Minimise costs, open up new revenue streams

It’s not just cost reduction that you can look forward to. Of course, Cloud Services integration reduces total cost of ownership. Along with minimising the risks associated with service integration, Cloud Services reduce business complexity, unshackles businesses from expensive vendor lock-in and gives the flexibility to shop around when acquiring new services.

Cloud Integration can also help businesses to monetise both new and existing services by providing API management over integration.

Improve experience

Just as growth benefits are plentiful, so are the opportunities to improve the customer or end user experience.

Cloud Integration unlocks the full benefits of omni-channel customer experience by ensuring data – transactional, user or product - is available across channels in a consistent and timely fashion.

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Intelligent services

As much as 90% of the data businesses gather is unstructured, unreadable, unmanageable and, therefore, largely unused.

We help organisations transform unstructured digital content into searchable data through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We help our clients to use data to drive the strategic and operational decisions that are essential for business success.

Identity & access management

Whether you're looking to better understand your customers or give your employees a frictionless, single sign on experience, we design and build IdAM solutions that manage data and access to your systems securely and efficiently.

And doing it well means using the full benefits of cloud-native services to optimise connections and storage - building a firm foundation of identity for your business to grow from.

Need help plotting a route to the cloud?

We can help you define your digital strategy and turn it into a technical roadmap, achieving momentum to quickly deliver business value, whilst minimising risk.

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