Digital transformation strategy

Ensono Digital provide technology strategy and architecture to support businesses in defining and delivering Digital Transformation Strategy.

We help organisations demonstrate the role that modern technical initiatives can play in accelerating better business outcomes, and help you gain essential buy in and commitment to your approach.

What we offer

What we offer

What we deliver

  • Discovery and Technology workshops to give clients the opportunity to bring more definition to their digital strategy
  • Realistic strategic transformation plans aligned with your business strategy, with a firm foundation in the technically achievable, fully costed and planned
  • Well-articulated business cases for roadmap deliverables, with targets and the means to track against them
  • Visualisation of goals and outcomes to support leadership in gaining board and investor buy-in

Why our customers choose us

  • Our creativity in the way we design and deliver digital transformation plans, inspiring architecture and forward-thinking customer solutions
  • Our open approach to solution design – we’re vendor agnostic and always objective
  • Our knowledge of cloud platforms, microservices, intelligent technologies – and the business benefits they deliver
  • Our proven track record in applying our knowledge and delivering better business outcomes across multiple sectors – including retail, media, the public sector and housing
  • Our extensive experience delivering solutions with tangible, measurable benefits through our cloud native consultancy services
  • Stacks. Our toolkit of tried-and-tested design, architecture and code which gives us a fast track to modelling your technical design and associated outcomes. Stacks gives your Digital Transformation sponsors confidence in the achievability of your roadmap by tying solutions back to real businesses cases

Define your digital transformation and you’re already halfway to achieving it

Fill the knowledge gap.

Organisations who know that they need to revolutionise their business to survive - and know that they need technology to do this – often need expert help to define this part of their strategy.

Underpin the concept.

Businesses who have a business model that requires funding but still needs a detailed strategy to support and visualise the outcomes.

Design the solution.

Organisations with a business strategy, and a well-articulated direction for the technology, who are unable to define the end-goal for the architecture or the interim states to get there.

Release the plan.

Organisations with a clear business strategy who feel paralysed in how to achieve their objectives and need an experienced delivery team to outline a roadmap.

Digital transformation strategy


Make it real

We're trusted by some of the UK's best known brands to design and implement their digital transformation strategies.

We approach every engagement with open and enquiring minds - ready to understand your strategic plans in depth and help you define the intelligent technologies you will need to achieve your business outcomes.

Building a digital transformation roadmap turns creative ideas into real business models and aligns these with technical solutions to deliver digital transformation strategies that are based in reality, not hope.

Align your business leaders

A well-articulated, achievable digital transformation plan aligned to business outcomes can create cohesion and strength in a board by mapping these digital capabilities to their strategic value.

Clarity and shared commitment empower leadership and give a business confidence to drive growth, efficiency and innovation.

Compete, and win

With a breadth of industry knowledge as well as the technical experience and savvy to understand who is doing what and why, we can help you build a competitive edge through your digital transformation plan.

By looking in depth at the experience outcomes you are trying to achieve for your customers, we can bring you innovative solutions that set you apart from your competitors.

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What our customers say

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Microservices introduce a level of simplicity, agility and freedom that hasn’t been possible with previous, monolithic architecture.

We work with clients to deconstruct system design down into manageable, independent, loosely coupled microservices – giving their businesses the opportunity to scale and flex offerings to meet demand, upgrade or swap out capabilities with minimum risk.

Identity & access management

Whether you're looking to better understand your customers or give your employees a frictionless, single sign on experience, we design and build IdAM solutions that manage data and access to your systems securely and efficiently.

And doing it well means using the full benefits of cloud-native services to optimise connections and storage - building a firm foundation of identity for your business to grow from.

Need help plotting a route to the cloud?

We can help you define your digital strategy and turn it into a technical roadmap, achieving momentum to quickly deliver business value, whilst minimising risk.

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