Intelligent services

As much as 90% of the data businesses gather is unstructured, unreadable, unmanageable and, therefore, largely unused.

We help organisations transform unstructured digital content into searchable data through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We help our clients to use data to drive the strategic and operational decisions that are essential for business success.

What we offer

What we offer

What we deliver

  • Intelligent solutions that unlock and monetise the value of content in organisations
  • Intelligence to support key business decisions makers
  • The ability for organisations to make sense of their data and to provide a more human experiences
  • Increased engagement with brands by providing an exploration experience
  • Solutions that increase personalised cross sales
  • Reduced time to find relevant information, leading to process efficiency

Why our customers choose us

  • Our innovative thinking in designing and implementing intelligent AI solutions for customers across a wealth of complex, unstructured data
  • Our agnostic approach to finding the right intelligent technical solutions based on specific business needs, operating models and required business outcomes.
  • Our knowledge of implementing search technologies such as ElasticSearch and AI services such as Cognitive Services
  • Our proven track record in applying our understanding of identity to provide user profile context and access control
  • Our extensive experience integrating multiple cloud services through the use of functions as a service

The biggest Big Data challenge isn’t storage - it’s understanding.

Get moving

Businesses paralysed with the high cost of understanding unstructured content - such as imagery, video and sound files - can be liberated  by AI and machine learning stripping the cost of making that data searchable and usable

Transform data access

Unstructured content such as text files, reports, or presentations stored centrally - but not in a searchable way - can slow down internal knowledge sharing. Making this kind of information easy to find and share can unlock insight and learning across functions.

Share the knowledge

Using AI and machine learning - to understand and attach readable data to content - enables businesses to present curated content to a user based on their needs and permissions.

Target and tailor

Although insight can be gained from unstructured data it’s hard to share that data across the organisation. Providing structure, and automating processes, can open up access to knowledge and significantly reduce the time required to find information.

Intelligent services


Unlock the value of content

With swathes of unstructured content in your business, gaining meaningful, timely access to curated data can provide a more personalised experience for the customer or end user and can even – in some cases  - open up new revenue channels where access to that content can be monetised.

Using technologies such as AI and machine learning, Ensono Digital helps you to unlock the value from unstructured digital content in your organisation.

By applying intelligent services, we can transform that wealth of content into searchable data, empowering you to make better business decisions, improve your processes, reduce overheads and accelerate business success.

Intelligence to support business decisions

Intelligent Search and cognitive services go beyond just providing teams with the data they need to do their job.  

By automating insight and recognising trends across large volumes of data - at pace, and with accuracy and consistency – teams can move faster and with more confidence.

This can give retailers more accurate demand forecasting capabilities, manufacturers the ability to spot anomalies in remote resources or even healthcare providers a better ability to diagnose patients.

Increase efficiency

Reduce time required to find relevant information - driving efficiency and mitigating risk. Particularly vital when pulling data from the IoT, the automated collection and analysis of information from equipment and property can give businesses a greater level of control and reactivity.

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Next Service

SRE & Managed services

Ensono Digital's cloud-native managed service offering is available to our consultancy clients. We give you long term peace of mind over your systems’ availability, reliability and performance.

But our engagements run deeper than that.  We will continue to work hand in hand with your teams, to add value to your platform, maintaining, improving and enhancing your proposition. And with Ensono Digital focused on providing support and maintenance, your in-house team can focus on your business.


Microservices introduce a level of simplicity, agility and freedom that hasn’t been possible with previous, monolithic architecture.

We work with clients to deconstruct system design down into manageable, independent, loosely coupled microservices – giving their businesses the opportunity to scale and flex offerings to meet demand, upgrade or swap out capabilities with minimum risk.

Need help plotting a route to the cloud?

We can help you define your digital strategy and turn it into a technical roadmap, achieving momentum to quickly deliver business value, whilst minimising risk.

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