SRE & Managed services

Ensono Digital's cloud-native managed service offering is available to our consultancy clients. We give you long term peace of mind over your systems’ availability, reliability and performance.

But our engagements run deeper than that.  We will continue to work hand in hand with your teams, to add value to your platform, maintaining, improving and enhancing your proposition. And with Ensono Digital focused on providing support and maintenance, your in-house team can focus on your business.

What we offer

What we offer

What we deliver

  • 3rd and 4th line support in UK working hours
  • Incident and Problem Management - when something fails we will resolve it in line with the business priorities and service tiers we have agreed with you up front
  • Proactive Maintenance – we focus on optimising the availability, reliability and security of your platforms to continue to deliver you the highest possible return on investment
  • Small Works - we offer a limited preferential rate card to all our Managed Services customers to deliver continuous improvement of our platform and regular, incremental business change
  • Gold and Silver Tier customer services - on-call incident management support between 0800 and 1800

Why our customers choose us

  • The depth of our domain knowledge covering delivery and operation of cloud-native applications, and the  experience and expertise required to run a best-in-class cloud-native operating model
  • Our skill set. Where our customers often have limited skill sets in house to operate solutions - such as Azure, AWS, or GCP - and leverage ongoing benefits from cloud- native technologies - such as Kubernetes and Functions-as-a-Service – we provide the skill sets with a light touch, low risk model
  • Our pricing model. Unlike other managed service providers, we don’t price our offering based on a number of virtual machines or end-user devices. We know that, in an auto-scaling containerised or serverless environment there is no meaningful way of counting virtual machines, and for a hyper-scale service pricing by end-user numbers is prohibitively expensive

Managed services challenges

Manage technology and talent risk

Managing technology and talent risk in-house can prove expensive; we have the resources to mitigate and manage them for you.

Reduce total cost of ownership

Maintaining a skilled high-performing team comes with hidden costs, Managed Services offers you peace of mind that technology operations comes in at a fixed monthly fee.

See value faster

Being able to predict cost and reduce risk allows value to be realised from the service sooner.

Reliability as a service

We implement Google's Site Reliability Engineering practices to focus the efforts of Managed Services on engineering for success rather than recovery from failure.

Access to specialists

Our Small Works and Preferential Rate cards are backed by the same consultants delivering award winning solutions for our clients, no matter the challenge we can help you meet it through Managed Services.

SRE & Managed services


We manage the risk

Contract your Managed Services to Ensono Digital and you transfer your operational and technical risk to us, and our safe, expert hands.

Bring forward your ROI

Reduce your day-to-day service operation costs - and risk- by contracting Ensono Digital Managed Services and the investment you have made in your digital transformation will start returning even sooner.

Lower your TCO

Cloud-native technology has predominately moved to operational expenditure but when you contract Ensono Digital Managed Services you will inevitably reduce the total cost of managing your service, as compared to hiring and maintaining a team in house.

Success story

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What our customers say

Next Service

Cloud integration

Taking advantage of the cloud doesn’t have to mean a wholesale migration to a brand new set of technologies. We take the technology you already have and make it fit for the future.

Whether it’s the result of acquisition or piecemeal purchasing of technology, many organisations have found themselves weighed down by multiple systems that can’t talk to each other. We design and build flexible cloud-native solutions that optimise business processes and make teams more efficient.


Microservices introduce a level of simplicity, agility and freedom that hasn’t been possible with previous, monolithic architecture.

We work with clients to deconstruct system design down into manageable, independent, loosely coupled microservices – giving their businesses the opportunity to scale and flex offerings to meet demand, upgrade or swap out capabilities with minimum risk.

Need help plotting a route to the cloud?

We can help you define your digital strategy and turn it into a technical roadmap, achieving momentum to quickly deliver business value, whilst minimising risk.

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