Microservices introduce a level of simplicity, agility and freedom that hasn’t been possible with previous, monolithic architecture.

We work with clients to deconstruct system design down into manageable, independent, loosely coupled microservices – giving their businesses the opportunity to scale and flex offerings to meet demand, upgrade or swap out capabilities with minimum risk.

What we offer

What we offer

What we deliver

  • Cloud-native services that run at hyper scale and high availability
  • Stacks. Providing 100s of best-of-breed proven microservice designs. Reusable, proven, tested, high-quality code that can be used time and time again
  • Business continuity. Create, test and deploy new services to enhance and grow your proposition with no impact to your core, legacy platform
  • Strategically aligned solutions. Bought and built solutions delivered with an understanding of your long-term business goals
  • Microservices that have scope to flex and grow with your business

Why our customers choose us

  • Our strong, enduring partnerships. With industry leaders such as Microsoft, Google  and RedHat
  • Our extraordinary track-record. We are one of the few consultancies who have implemented successful complex microservices engagements for multiple brands
  • Our depth of knowledge in architecting for scale out, high availability microservices in the cloud
  • Our unique proposition, Stacks, and the economies and opportunities available for our clients in the adoption of Stacks
  • Our ‘assemble and integrate’ approach to microservices design giving you the scope to build and change with ease

Microservices for macro growth.

Get fit and agile

Microservices gives you the ability to buy in or build out new services independently, augmenting your customer offering as soon as they are ready. Assemble and integrate means not having to wait for massive whole-platform change cycles or risky deployments.

Stay up to date, stay up

Monolithic platforms are inflexible by design and usually require you to be locked into long-term commitment to a particular vendor, whereas independent capability-specific solutions give you the freedom to develop your proposition.

Make your own choices

Microservices give you far better resilience and scalability, and modern cloud-based platforms are able to withstand the demands of peak activity without falling over and damaging your brand – and bottom line.

Be your own master

Take the step away from long contracts for systems that are difficult to integrate with other product sets and make it hard to keep your technology up-to-date.

Test and deploy

Without vendor lock-in – and unwieldy locked down platform – you have the freedom to take advantage of emerging technologies that give your business the edge.



Flex and stretch

By building microservices around your existing platform, you can deploy new capabilities as they are available - enhancing your customer proposition without affecting business as usual – until the time comes to retire your legacy system.

It is possible to be a world leading retailer without a heavyweight e-commerce platform. Microservices provide a hybrid alternative to a ‘one stop shop’ giving you the power to build your own proposition out over time, scale to meet the needs of your growing business, and pivot to deliver to changing customer demands. Take advantage of the flexibility to manage speedy roll-out and deployment of services in different regions, and to compete on a global scale.

Safe as houses

Resilience is a vital component of any business platform and with cloud-based micro services, it’s infinite. The ability to scale rapidly – even instantly – on peak trading periods, days or hours is a must for any organisation focused on ecommerce revenues.

And for organisations driving to grow and needing the scope for infinite transactions, the hyper-scalability provided by the cloud is essential when expanding globally.

Take control, take the lead

If you design your ecommerce in the cloud, you can do it on your terms. In an industry dominated by one or two big players, you cannot rely on competing on price. Customer experience and innovation in your product offering will be what sets you apart.

With microservices in the cloud you will hold up-to-the-minute control over the core of your business and your brand experience. Why aim to draw level with your competitors when you can set your sights on blowing them away?

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What our customers say

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Digital transformation strategy

Ensono Digital provide technology strategy and architecture to support businesses in defining and delivering Digital Transformation Strategy.

We help organisations demonstrate the role that modern technical initiatives can play in accelerating better business outcomes, and help you gain essential buy in and commitment to your approach.

Cloud integration

Taking advantage of the cloud doesn’t have to mean a wholesale migration to a brand new set of technologies. We take the technology you already have and make it fit for the future.

Whether it’s the result of acquisition or piecemeal purchasing of technology, many organisations have found themselves weighed down by multiple systems that can’t talk to each other. We design and build flexible cloud-native solutions that optimise business processes and make teams more efficient.

Need help plotting a route to the cloud?

We can help you define your digital strategy and turn it into a technical roadmap, achieving momentum to quickly deliver business value, whilst minimising risk.

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