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Thoughts, opinions and leading-edge information from our expert team on everything from cloud-native, innovative technologies and AI to Intelligent Solutions, Data Platforms and microservices.

White Papers

How to drive better data-centric business decisions

Every organisation is swimming in data, but not everyone knows how to use it in order to make better business decisions. Written by our Principal Consultant Data Engineer, this whitepaper takes a closer look at why so many data projects fail and how organisations can move away from centralised data gatekeepers.
White Papers

5 steps to a world class supply chain

This special report by Retail Gazette and Ensono Digital looks at how careful analysis of supply chain structures and reassessment of the basics can reap rich rewards, improving resilience and flexibility while reducing costs.
White Papers

The new future of retail

In a unique study looking at retail from both sides of the counter, Ensono Digital have partnered with Auth0 to examine the consumer and retailer take on the future state of retail - post-pandemic - as we move into a period of widespread digital transformation in the face of economic uncertainty.
White Papers

Is UX the great enabler of Public Sector digitisation?

In this report Ensono Digital examines the UK’s public sector drive for widespread and cohesive digitisation, and delves into the motivations behind the plans, unearthing an opportunity to lead with UX to put the citizen first while still creating a leaner, more cost-effective set of services.
White Papers

Why hasn't IoT taken off (yet)?

IoT can help businesses understand their customers, increase engagement and drive efficiencies. So why hasn't everyone already adopted it? In this white paper, Principal Data Engineer Ian Cowley, looks at the blockers to adopting IoT at scale, and how your organisation can sidestep the common pitfalls.
White Papers

Building a technical strategy in a post-pandemic world: Housing Sector

This whitepaper, written by our CTO Simon Evans, outlines the transformation challenge that faces the housing sector today, and lays out the route to building a technical strategy that will deliver better business outcomes – even in this most demanding of contexts.

Need help plotting a route to the cloud?

We can help you define your digital strategy and turn it into a technical roadmap, achieving momentum to quickly deliver business value, whilst minimising risk.

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